Monday, February 13, 2012

Fucking Badass Guide to Useless Kitchen Gadgets (part 1)

In a world with a surplus of idiots, virtually any damn thing you offer for sale, someone is going to buy it. This cornerstone of capitalism is seen no where better than the kitchen gadget industry. There are so many ridiculously moronic kitchen gadgets for sale that it's almost like a performance art piece. No task is too insignificant or simple for some fuckstick to invent a doo-dad to help you with it. Here are four of the most mind numbing.
I'm providing a link to their individual Amazon pages solely for morbid curiosity and to prove that I didn't make this shit up. Obviously, I don't endorse these fucking things or want you to buy them. Also, if you already own any of this shit, please kill yourself.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pineapple 7Fuck-You-Up Cocktail

Orange Juice
Fresh pineapple
Highball glass

As I mentioned in the recipe for Caribbean-style pulled pork, I invented a cocktail while waiting for the pork to cook, using only ingredients in that recipe with the addition of some gin. My good friend Chelsie, the author of Three Ring Mom, coined the name.
This is sort of a take on an old gin cocktail called an orange blossom, with a nice little pineappley, drunk guy surprise at the end.