Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pineapple 7Fuck-You-Up Cocktail

Orange Juice
Fresh pineapple
Highball glass

As I mentioned in the recipe for Caribbean-style pulled pork, I invented a cocktail while waiting for the pork to cook, using only ingredients in that recipe with the addition of some gin. My good friend Chelsie, the author of Three Ring Mom, coined the name.
This is sort of a take on an old gin cocktail called an orange blossom, with a nice little pineappley, drunk guy surprise at the end.

1. Cut a slice of fresh pineapple (about the same size as in the pulled pork recipe). From this slice of pineapple, you'll want to cut out the heart. Make sure it's about the same size as the bottom of your glass, though a tad bigger) The fact that my slice is actually heart shaped was unintentional.

Once you have your pineapple heart, shove it into the bottom of the glass.

2. Fill your glass with ice. Add 1 ounce of gin.

Atop that, add about 1 ounce of orange juice

Fill the remainder of the glass with 7Up.  Stir. While you stir, jab at the the pineapple in the bottom of the glass.

Once you finish your drink, the pineapple chunk at the bottom will be infused with gin and orange juice, making it the best slice of pineapple in the world. Eat it. Do not operate heavy machinery.

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